DAC are proud to be approved stockists of Miele home appliances. Our relationship with Miele spans nearly 40 years and DAC provide Miele with service and support coverage across the whole of West Dorset.

Miele appliances are manufactured with one ethos in mind - Immer Besser. Translated literally, this means "Forever Better" and is at the heart of the Miele company. All appliances are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure that the products they manufacture meet, not just their own high standards, but also that of their customers.

Miele; even now, 120 years since their inception, are still a family owned and run business. 

Miele's range covers most of the categories of appliances that we supply. Washing machines, dishwashers, built in ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigeration. Our instore DAC range consists of home laundry (washing machines/tumble dryers), refrigeration, dishwashing and built in cooking. All other models* are available via DAC and lead times are usually 2-3 working days.

If you would like to know more about Miele, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our range in store covers most enquiries but we can order most appliances should you want a different variant of something that we have. Our staff members have had extensive Miele training and should be able to answer almost any enquiries you may have. We also of course have our in house engineers to rely on for the more technical queries.

Don't delay - make contact and enquire about Miele appliances today. You will not be disappointed.

* Some models that are visible on the www.miele.co.uk website are exclusive to kitchen studios/specific and as such are not available to DAC. Where this is apparent, DAC will be able to offer an alternative model from the Miele range which will have a similar specification and feature list but with a slightly different aesthetic appearance.

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