News from Domestic Appliance Maintenance (Dorset) Ltd


We now have in store our own, DAC branded washing machine and dishwasher descaler liquid. This new product is ideal for clearing your current appliances of scale, detergent residues and leave it spick and span after usage. It's so easy to use - simply empty half the bottle into the appliance and run a standard wash cycle of at least 40 degrees.
This new appliance formula has been specially developed for our customer by our partners at Wessex Chemicals. It's been formulated for us to offer a high quality, effective solution for maintaining large laundry and dishwashing appliances.

This new version goes hand in hand with our current descaler product that is designed for small appliances such as kettles, irons and coffee makers.

Pop into store today and stock up. DAC would recommend running a descaling program on washing machines and dishwashers at least every 2-3 months - and potentially even more regularly in some exceptionally hard water areas. In particular, more regular descaling is recommended if you get your water from a bore hole rather than via a mains supply.

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